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Mamibot has been operating in the market for almost two years now.

Mamibot’s idea actually came from problems in home: there was little time for cleaning over and over again…

The cleaning itself was nice, but constantly pulling out the vacuum cleaner with a hose was always annoying. In addition, it was necessary to wash the floor after.

It also costs an insane amount of money to hire a cleaner.

While visiting the German fair IFA2018, I saw Mamibot robotic vacuum cleaners for the first time.

First of all, they looked stylish from a distance, and innovation proved to be a big trump card. Namely the 2/1 system.

That’s where the idea came from to start using and selling robotic vacuum cleaners, helper that I believe in.

The opportunity to absorb dust and wash the floor simultaneously spoke in favor of Mamibot. In addition, Mamibot robotic vacuum cleaners are also the quietest on the market.

In conclusion this is how Mamibot started in November 2018. Currently, we are the most popular  home robots provider in Estonia. We have opened seven offices all over Estonia and one office in Finland and United Kingdom. Our Mamibot family has 25 members.

The mission is to be number one home robot offerer with Mamibot robots.

We want people to have more free time and less housework. That gives people time to be more with the family.

That is the story about us.

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