Mamibot Frequently asked Questions!

Why isn’t my robot going on the black carpet?

Mamibot robots might not work on certain dark or black surfaces. Robot has falling sensors that detects steps and edges to prevent them from falling. Because of that robot detects dark colors as a risk of falling. The robot might not move or clean on those surfaces. When this situation occurs Mamibot starts reversing or gives error message Er08 (fall error message). 

How to remove Mamibot robot scheduler? Mamibot FAQ

On PreVac models, press the “Plan” button on the remote control twice. Make sure that the presses are registered and the robot provides beeps or voice feedback. On ExVac models (680S/660/880) press and hold the schedule button. The robot notifies you when the schedule has been removed.

In addition, do not forget to check your mobile application if any timer has been set from there.

What parts and how often should you maintain robot vacuum?

Once a month check your robot vacuum cleaner wheels. Make sure they don’t have hair wrapped around or that there is no sand, gravel or any other lumps between them. If hair has curled around, remove it with provided cleaning knife.

Robot vacuum side brushes should be cleaned at least once a week. Hair curles around side brushes and might over heat the motors. We recommend changing side brushes after every few months for best results.

Mamibot robot vacuum cleaners main brush comes easily out of the robot. Once you have removed main brush, use scissors or our special knife to remove the hair. 

First weeks of using clean dust bin almost everyday. After few weeks of working, dust bin should be cleaned once a week.

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Mamibot FAQ

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