Mamibot Robot Vacuum guideline

Mamibot robot vacuum guideline

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Mamibot Robot Vacuum guideline

Are robot cleaners worth it? Well, this is a question homeowners ask themselves before committing to buy a robot cleaner. Well, anything that can help you keep your house clean and allow you the time to do other things that you enjoy is always welcome. There are different types of robot cleaners in the market, and knowing how to choose the right one will determine how effectively your house will be cleaned. 

Understanding the features of a robot cleaner will help you evaluate its suitability for cleaning your home. Here is a robot vacuum guideline that focuses on the features of Mamibot Robot vacuum cleaners. 

Exvac 880 Wisor

Mamibot 880 Wisor robot cleaner is a hybrid cleaner with 2880PA power, more than most regular vacuums. The cleaner will clean up to 150-200 square meters with a single charge. The water-dripping speed of the cleaning robot is three levels. 

This describes a robot cleaner with a very strong vacuuming power enabled by 2600 mAh power, 2880 PA power, and its slim design. It is featured by radar, allowing  map saving, no go zones and for choosing most effective cleaning route.

880 Wisor also has three level filtering and obstacle crossing that helps clean faster and better.

Exvac 680S

If you are looking for a cost-effective robot cleaner boasting the latest technology. It washes and vacuums stimultanously. Has maping system, so you always knows where it is and it helpsi Exvac 680S choose the most optimal route. This smart robot cleaner is also compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home, and you can operate it from wherever you are.

Mamibot Prevac 670XBR

The Mamibot Prevac 670XBR comes in three colors black, gold, and blue. This is a high-end robot cleaner with built-in water and vacuuming tank. This cleaner can clean different types of floors thanks to its multiple cleaning modes features. It is also featured with a big LED screen for clear display of the cleaner’s working time, setting up a cleaning schedule and displaying the functional status of the robot. It also has an auto charging feature and a good battery that allows longer working time.

Window cleaning robot iGlassbot W-120T

The Mamibot W-120T window cleaning robot is ideal for cleaning windows. The robot cleaner can work on both framed and frameless windows, and it is also fitted with built-in sensors that can detect when the robot is at the edge of the window, preventing it from falling. 

The robot can also clean other glass surfaces apart from windows, glass furniture, and other smooth surfaces. The smart robot comes with both a remote and smartphone app to make cleaning more comfortable. 

Artificial intelligence is yet another feature that Mamibot w-120T has. With this technology’s help, the robot can calculate the shortest route to take while cleaning, saving both time and energy. 

The robot has a safety battery that helps the cleaner stay on the surface even when power has been interrupted, preventing falls and accidents. The other thing that makes this robot outstanding is that it can be used even on the highest surfaces. 

Take away

While choosing any of the models above, consider the type of surfaces the robot will be working on. Do you want to clean remotely or only when within scope? This will guide you in determining if an accompanying app will be necessary. Home size, warranty period and your budget are all equally vital factors to consider.

Mamibot robot vacuum guideline