How do Robot Vacuum Cleaners Work?

How do Robot Vacuum Cleaners Work?

Does robot vacuum really work?

Maintaining your house clean and tidy while juggling between work, kids and home becomes extremely difficult. The idea of a robotic vacuum is like music to ears. When you have a messed up home and you are pressed for time, this little helper can whizz around your home. Quickly cleans and makes it shiny.

Most robotic vacuum cleaners can also be controlled via an app on your smartphone, which means you can get the job done on the go. These robotic vacuums are especially good at cleaning those corners and crevices where a traditional vacuum cleaner cannot reach. For example under your bed or sofa.

Robotic vacuums can also adjust the suction level according to the surface. They can charge on its own when the power is low. These vacuums clean well under furniture and go over low thresholds.

Although they work particularly well with hardwood floors, robotic vacuums can also do a great job in carpet flooring. Robot vacuum work really well with the floor, however, they may not suit couches or other upholstery. Mamibot robots has possibilty to mop and vacuum simultaneously.

How does robot vacuum work?

Of all the game-changing innovations across the world, the automation of sweeping and moping homes with tiny bots deserves special mention. Robotic vacuum cleaners can easily navigate your homes without bumping into your furniture and can clean your surface in a short time.

Mamibot Robotic vacuums keep cleaning as far as they can go until they bump into some obstruction, turn around and continue to clean the home in zigzag method.

Robotic vacuums use sensors fixed in the front of the cleaner to determine the obstruction and places to avoid. A lot of intelligent vacuums these days can map the room to plan a cleaning path. 880 Wisor also uses lasers to navigate. They can also keep track of the areas cleaned and yet to be cleaned, before finishing a part of your home.

You can also set cleaning schedules in your vacuum and it can clean your home at the designated time. Once their charge is drained, it can find its way back to the docking station and can recharge on their own.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a motor that creates suction and rotating brushes that sweep debris towards the suction. Our robot vacuum cleaners use two wheels and additional caster wheel for rotating help.

Robot vacuum works well in cleaning your floors, but they don’t have peripheral vision and may miss some dirt in corners or sides. The chances of occurring are, however, extremely rare.

All about robot vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners works on certain preset cleaning programs. They navigate the area based on the set cleaning program and hence there is no necessity to sit around and monitor it. It can find its way around using a number of patterns like a spiral, zigzag, or spot cleaning.

Once the cleaning program embedded into the robotic vacuum using some button sequence, it leaves the docking station at the set day and time and cleans the home. It returns back to the docking station once the cleaning is done or if it runs low on charge.

880 Wisor also use infrared beams to create a ‘virtual wall’ and on sensing the signal, it avoids that area. In addition Mamibot robot vacuums have te possibilty to wash the floor and vacuum at the same time. Lastly Exvac 680S and 880 Wisor models have HEPA- filters, so they are also suitable for allergy sufferers.


The robotic vacuum cleaner is a big boon to people who have busy schedules. Also for people who are tired of useing a traditional vacuum cleaner. It can easily remove dirt and allergens around the home and render the home clean and safe. However, you might also need an additional upright vacuum or a stick vacuum to clean some corners and upholstery.

Despite the odds, the robotic vacuum cleaners are a great way to clean your home with very little effort. This gives you more time to enjoy the finer aspects of life. Grab more information on Robot Vacuums by staying in touch with our portal.