Why You Should Consider A Robot Window Cleaner

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Why You Should Consider A Robot Window Cleaner

Cleaning your windows is not only a time-consuming chore, but it can also be a dangerous task. Especially if your property is several stories high. However, the days of filling a bucket with water and climbing a ladder are long gone. Many property owners are now discovering the benefits of robot window cleaners. 

How do robot window cleaners work?

These unique machines are able to quickly and thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your windows. Requiring no supervision, they use innovative technology to clean the entire pane of glass. Helping you to reach those areas that you might not be able to through manual cleaning. 

These automated artificial intelligence-led robots are attached to the glass through high-powered suction. It features a motorised power unit that allows it to move around the window frame by itself. 

What are the benefits of window cleaners?

There are many benefits to using robot window cleaners. One of the most popular is that it is an incredibly easy solution to keeping your property clean. Thanks to being fully automated, they require very minimal effort and just need you to place them on the required windows. 

The innovative technology also ensures your glass is thoroughly cleaned without leaving any streaks behind. While designed for windows, robot cleaners can also be used on other glass surfaces, including doors and tables, as well as smooth floors or walls! 

Looking for a robot window cleaner?

Are you looking for a robot window cleaner? Here at Mamibot, our iGLASSBOT W120-T is a remote-controlled device that can be used on both framed and frameless surfaces. Suitable for a wide range of glass surfaces, our iGLASSBOT comes with a safety rope and emergency battery, helping to maximise the safety of your machine. 

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